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Currently, we have the Modular Mates Oval and Modular Mates Round range. Check out the Dry Storage category in Products section to know more about these products.

Bulk Storage

When you buy food items in bulk like Rice, wheat or Sugar your prime concern is ensuring freshness and safety of the food. The canister range consisting of Store-all canisters and Super Storers not only ensures this but also stack well to save kitchen space.

Check out the Canister category in Products section to know more about these products.

Food Preparation

While cooking in the kitchen, you need regular food items like oil and spices besides cereals etc. Wouldn't you like to have containers that can organise your spices like one stop shop, make some items in a jiffy and reduce spillage and mess that usually accompanies cooking.

Tupperware has a special category to address these needs of food preparation.
Masala Magic A beautiful container with seven cups and one-touch seal. This container organises all your spices including salt and is easy to open and close with one hand while your other hand is busy cooking food.

Magic Flow Series

Spill proof and with drip less seal, they make pouring oil an enjoyable experience.

Handy Grater

Some of our food requires grating of vegetables and other items. Handy Grater with its container base and seal makes not only grating easier, but also stores grated items fresh before being used for cooking.

Quick Shake

For making some food items like lassi or milk shake in a jiffy. Not just that you can make home made butter and pakora batter also.

Check out the Food Preparation category in Products section to know more about these products.

Refrigerator & Freezer

Your Refrigerator and Freezer Space is valuable. Whatever, be the size of your refrigerator you'll always find the space to be limited.

Tupperware has Refrigerator and Freezer range of products that not only keep your food fresh but also stack well to utilize limited space in the refrigerator or Freezer.

Not just these products, Tupperware pitchers like Ezy cool Jug and Kool Pitcher also fit well in the refrigerator door.

Check out the Refrigerator and Freezer categories in Products section to know more about these products.

Other Products:

Lunch & Outdoors

Tupper Kids


Microwave – Clean & Pure Range

Serving Range

Product Care
Tupperware products are tested to ensure that they are a safe, non-toxic, attractive and durable alternative to other home storage products. With a little care you can keep your Tupperware looking as good as new.
Cleaning and Storage:Wash and rinse your Tupperware with liquid soap and lukewarm water. Store without Seals to keep them fresh.
Hot Food and Beverages:Cool beverages before handling or applying the Seal. Cool hot food or liquids containing fat (cooking oil/ grease, curries, soups, sauces) before placing them in the container. Tupperware containers can with- stand temperatures up to 80°C.
Tight Seals:Place the Seal in hot water for a few minutes, dry thoroughly, then apply to container while still warm. Stain Removal .Use baking soda paste; it's ideal for getting rid of stains and stickiness.
Preventing Cuts and Scratches:Though many Tupperware products are scratch - resistant, avoid the use of abrasive scrubbers and washing powders.
Removing Unpleasant Odours:A piece of charcoal or moist newspaper, stuffed into the container and left sealed for at least 12 hours in the fridge, before washing and rinsing the product thoroughly, should get rid of unpleasant odours.
Liquid Storage:Only products with Classic Round Seals are liquid - tight and can be kept in any position. Place containers with any other type of Seal in an upright position.

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For over 60 years, Tupperware has been creating a niche for itself in the business world, making a difference to the lives of millions through its innovative storage products and extremely attractive business opportunity. In recent years, Tupperware has made tremendous inroads into becoming a true global entity. In 2000, Tupperware brands corporation acquired Dallas-based BeautiControl, followed by the acquisition of the Sara Lee Corporation’s direct selling business in 2000. These advancements brought an increasing product diversity to brand Tupperware. In order to reflect this diversity, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation in 2005.
These acquisitions were in line with the Company’s corporate strategy to add premium consumable items to their product category mix. They also boosted the Company's global portfolio to eight champion brands and changed the Tupperware Brands Corporation into a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales conglomerate with a worldwide sales force of over 2 million.
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To date, the Tupperware Brands portfolio of direct selling companies incorporates Tupperware, BeautiControl, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, Fuller Cosmetics, Nuvo, Avroy Shlain and Swissgarde - each with their own product lines, sales methods and structures for the markets